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About Us

me and why I started writing this blog.BlogMore2

My name is Monique and I’m from the Netherlands. I love Sci/Fi and Fantasy, gardening, painting, aquariums and recently, creating Victorian era inspired garments.

Why then this blog about virtualization, you might ask.


As it happens, I also love everything virtual, more specifically VMware vSphere. Which is fortunate, as my work at Wageningen UR involves mostly managing the VMware vSphere environment. While doing this I tend to run into all sorts of trials and tribulations and find myself cruising the internet, in search for answers and solutions. There are many great blogs around about virtualization and a wealth of information. Sometimes the information is a little scattered and I end up using bits and pieces from several places. In this blog I will try to address the day to day issues in my own virtual environment and post the collective info I have gathered and/or solutions I have found and tested. It is mostly written as a reference for myself, but I do hope it will be of use to others like me.

Should you have questions about anything I have written about, please, feel free to contact me.